Infrared Heaters


Built For Harsh, Wet & Corrosive Conditions

Daystar Heaters create heat with infrared rays, an energy form similar to the sun's rays warming the earth. The Daystar's highly polished stainless steel reflectors focus infrared energy that is converted into heat as it reaches absorptive objects such as equipment, concrete floors, machines and of course, people. The surrounding air is then warmed by conduction and convection. With our 304L stainless steel rustproof design, Daystar infared heaters are the perfect choice for any high moisture environment. 

Single or Dual Stage Features:

  • Proven System Design 30+ Years
  • Stainless Steel Combustion Chamber
  • Stainless Stell Heat Exchanger
  • Stainless Steel Butt-Joined Tubes
  • Simple Chain Mounting
  • AGA&CGA Design Certified
  • High PolishedStainless Reflectors 98% Reflectivity
  • 91.6% Reflectional Efficiency(shape)
  • 4 Inch Tube Diameter
  • Heavy Duty 8" Tube Couplings
  • Heavy Duty Fan Motors Enclosed in Sealed Burner
  • Stainless Steel Brackets
  • Reflector arrangements from 0 to 30 degrees reflectors rotate independently  
  • Burner fully assembled & tested - Ready to Hang!
  • Safe direct spark ignition with 100% safety shut-off
  • Pre-purge cycle for safety
  • Factory installed wave tubular for high effiency
  • Three System validation lights visible from floor
  • Factory Installed Turbulation
  • CSA International design certified to ANSI/CGA standards
  • Burner controls fully enclosed and isolated from combustion air
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Straight Tube Infrared Heater


U-Tube Infrared Heater


Unlike any other systems claiming 2 stage operation, both air and gas flows of the Daystar system provide precise air-to-gas ratios at both the high and low-heat stages for optimum efficiency.

TRUE DUAL Special Features 

  • Patented 2-Stage design provides precise matching of air/gas flows at both high and low fire stages
  • Optimum Combustion 100% of the time.
  • Heavy Duty 12-Gauge heat exchanger.
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Save Up To 75% in Heating Costs and Direct the Heat Where you Want It. 

Each 5' or 10' reflector rotates independently from 0 to 45 Degrees



  • 10 Yr limited warranty on burner cores, combustion and heat exchanger tubes. 2 Year limited warranty on burner controls.

Superior Reflectional Effiency of 91.6%

33 of 36 infrared rays are directed to the floor: not back on the tube for high effiency.


TRUE DUAL Special Features: 

  • Heavy-Duty 12 Guage Heat Exchanger
  • Optimum Combustion 100% of the time

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Hi-Intensity Infrared Heaters

Available in Single And Two-Stage Models!  
2-stage models, enjoy both energy savings and extreme cold weather protection in one heater. Second stage automatically jumps up to high fire output upon demand. Use low fire output upon moderate needs and save on fuel consumption.


  • Factory Pre-wired, prepiped and Tested
  • Operate on Natural or Propane Gas
  • Flexible Inputs from 30,000 to 200,000 BTUH
  • Instant On, Instant Off Operation
  • Reaches Full Intensity Within 30 Seconds
  • Wind Resistant, Stable Flame for Outdoor Areas
  • 100% Safety Shut-Off Available
  • Patented Ceramic Burner 
  • Seamless No Weld Construction
  • Compact, Modular Design, No Moving Parts
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Infrared Radiant Heaters

Stop the chills and wasted energy that occur when outside bay doors are opened in any building. The in-rushing cold air is tempered by the THERMOJETS heat surge, keeping the bay comfortable.


  • 16 ga 304 Stainless Steel Casing
  • Stainless Steel Burner Baffle 
  • Heavy Duty Axial Flow Fan
  • Corrosion Resistant Manifold
  • Watertight Enclosure with Controls
  • "Hot" Spark Ignition
  • Remote & Summer/Winter On-Off Switches
  • Magnetic Motor Starter
  • High Temperature Limit Switch
  • Economical Natural Gas Operation
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