Garage Door Operators

We carry a large selection of time-tested, air-powered and electric operators as well as high-quality specialty access and signaling controls that are highly reliable and durable in highly repetitive and wet environments.

Choose from a variety of functions, designs, cycle demands, lifting capabilities and/or modifications for your specific application and operational needs.

A number of specialized or standard packages along with numerous controls are available to help make your project a success. Let us know what your criteria is today and let our experienced staff configure the best operator and control package for your operation.

Supralift Operator


SupraLift jackshaft air-powered operators are ideal for doors with highlift track configurations or doors that are not designed to open completely to the header. Mounted to the side of the door track, these openers are designed for use in car, truck and other washbay facilities and other types of high-use operations. An Industry Favorite!!

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Numax Operators


Drawbar mounted Numax pneumatic operators are mounted above the door where it's warmer & drier. Direct connection to the door means less cable spooling and exhaust-only design equates to less freezeups. Perfect for doors with standard lift track configurations. 

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Electric Operators


American Garage Door Supply offers a number of electric operators specifically equipped for wash bay environments. Choose from a variety of both jackshaft and dawbar models along with standard AC electric units with washbay modifications or highly specialized "Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)" or DC motor and control technology.

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Outstanding Options

A number of specialized and standard access controls & accessories are available to tackle your tough and challenging environment. We have sought out and found the best controls and devices to use with your high quality door system in environments that have high moisture and high-use characteristics. High-quality components are reliable, durable and and allow you a multitude of signaling, timing and safety functions.

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Stainless Steel Chain


Vehicle Loop Detectors