UltraClear Overhead Garage Doors 

Full Vision Glass Garage Doors

High-quality, clear, tempered glass with high-strength aluminum frame makes the Ultraclear the clear choice for any situation that requires full visibility through the door. An excellent choice for: Car washes, auto dealerships, service stations, fire departments, lube shops, swimming pools, restaurants, store fronts and many others.

Unsurpassed Durability

Constructed of the toughest corrosion resistant materials available. Ultraclear full-vision doors feature state-of-the-art materials to provide you with maximum life and durability in the toughest areas.

Reliable Operation

Designed for high use applications.Diamond Doors superior hardware design ensures smooth operation year after-year.

Low Maintenance

Engineered and manufactured for minimal maintenance and service. Reduces annual costs and more profit for you.

Standard Features:

  • Clear, Safe, 1/8” Tempered Glass Panels
  • Beveled Aluminum Stiles & Rails- No Watertraps!!
  • 3” Angle Mounted Track - Up to 4’ Highlift
  • Extended 1” Solid Keyed Shaft
  • Headplates On Most Highlift Track Configurations
  • 100,000 High Cycle Springs (up to 144sq. ft) or Counterweight System
  • Bottom Rubber Bulb Weatherseal

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Advanced Materials, Superior Product. 

  • 1/8" Glass or Solid Panel Tempered glass panels or solid panels to meet your specific requirements
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame Strong. Corrosion Resistant.Variety of colors.
  • Beveled Alloy Frame Tongue & groove meeting rails are beveled to shed moisture and eliminate watertraps.
  • Panel Gasket Alloy Frame Flexible gasket frame seals glass or panels from the elements and air infiltration.


Hardware Packages To Meet Your Needs

Several hardware models are available to meet your building exposures to moisture, corrosion and other contaminents, amount of use and other requirements. Each model includes a different combination of materials ranging from corrosion-resistant galvanized hardware to completely rust-resistant stainless steel.