SmartJack Operator

smartjack Electric Jackshaft Operator

High Speed door operation fully adjustable to your application

The smartJACK door controller is designed and programmed for quick and easy setup. It has been developed with optimum safety and ease of use in mind. Its design and program offer remote operation, radio control operation, automatic timers, all safety and entry devices, and is simple to upgrade if necessary. The PLC is programmed and ready to go except for a few entries to finalize some of the functions. It operates by means of a program logic controller (PLC) with HMI, reversing contractors and limit switches.


  • Door Collision Detection
  • Door Slow Down
  • Power Failure Start up Collision Protection
  • Password Accessible
  • Deactivate Open and Close Buttons on enclosure cover
  • Auto Close Timer
  • If program modifications are desired, the changes can be easily made
  • Choice of incoming power, 120VAC single phase, 230 or 460 VAC Single or
    Three Phase

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Control Box Enclosure

  • Enclosure is Nema 4X
  • Auto/Hand Switch mounted on the cover of the enclosure
  • Disconnect handle mounted on the cover of the enclosure
  • Encoder for positioning
  • Sensor for full closed position
  • Variable Frequency Drive to control motor speeds and direction
  • Open, Close and Stop buttons mounted on the enclosure Door

Operator knows the doors position at all times allowing for fine tuning of the doors function.

Fully adjustable acceleration, deceleration, full speed & slow speed functions.
Individual tuning for the points at which the door slows down in the open and closing position

Door Intelligence
The operator knows and remembers where the door is. If the door meets an obstruction,
it quickly returns to the open position and on the next close cycles slows down to verify
that the obstruction is clear increasing the safety of operation.

  • Supports Safety Edges (wired or wireless) 
  • Safety Eyes (standard or UL325) 
  • Light Curtains of any length Loop Detectors 
  • Radio Controls 
  • 3-Pushbutton Station